Here's my story:

Let me tell you a story about unconditional love. I grew up in a lower-class society; where drama, chaos, and avoidance were normal. This made me feel that money was the root of all evil, that I didn't fit in, and that life was meant to be a struggle. Yet I couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to life, that relationships weren't meant to be conditional, that life wasn't meant to be hard, and that I could create more for my life. 

But then, the unthinkable happened. My mom committed suicide when I was 12 years old, and I was the one who found her. This challenged my Catholic faith; suicide is a sin.

My way of coping at the time was to numb myself and support everyone else but myself.

And so, I pursued a path of acting like I was okay and taking care of others; yet I numbed myself with; substances and risky sexual encounters, and I loved to rebel against authorities.

I still had this inner knowing that my life wasn't meant to be like this, and this is when I heard my school was hosting an outreach trip to the Dominican Republic, which opened my mind to the possibility of gratitude with so little.

I realized that I needed to go on a path to help heal the world. And I shifted onto getting into a career path that would allow me to do that - working with children. I decided to step into a journey of self-healing and gain the skills I needed. And I was fully committed to learning as much as possible to hold space for others to heal.

At the time, I was excited to start lovingly impacting the world!  And there have been many significant, impactful milestones since then, including:

Getting accepted into Sheridan College for ECE

Working with children and running a classroom on my own

Going on another outreach trip to Peru

Finding out I am pregnant and moving to BC to have my son, in the middle of the pandemic) 

Completing my 90hrs Trauma-informed Children's Yoga Meditation Certificate

Completing my 200hr Yoga

Becoming a reiki master

Starting my business and hosting mommy & me yoga classes at my house

Hosting family backyard healing sessions

But along the way, I experienced struggle with self-discovery and self-accountability, and with that, I went back into numbing and self-sabotaging . This left me feeling worthless and unworthy to think I could help others if I could not help myself.

I made the singular decision, to be honest with myself and take full responsibility for all the things that were in my life. So I dove deeper than ever into understanding who I was and the limiters holding me back from a meaningful impact. 

I had a dream to help heal the world. But first, I had to let go of looking externally for love and acceptance and look within myself. I had to dive deep within to forgive myself and fall in love with myself. I realized how much love I have to give, and I want people to tap into that love for themselves.

With this new mindset, I could hold so much self-compassion and forgive myself. I started to remember who I am and worthy of everything I desire. I fell in love with myself.

Along this journey, I remembered who I truly am and have been able to step into my power. By learning to trust the wisdom that is flowing within and diving deep into self-forgiveness  I am no longer available to repeat my cycles, and I am taking ownership of embodying my divine essence- my higher self. 

I feel I have stepped into living in alignment with my life and co-creating my life with God/ Source. And from there, I became my true self - Love. 

I am deeply committed to keeping my heart open- and helping others do the same.

I am here to help people to stop looking externally and find what they are looking for internally.

And I have decided to wrap up all the personal growth I'd been through into my life's work - a program that helps others do the same.

A program to help my people reconnect with themselves, step into their power and fall back in love with themselves. 

I’m ready to launching my program to build my life's work into my ultimate business

But most of all, I'm most excited to help you to trust and fall back in love with yourself.

With Love,



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